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E-Way Bill Processing Simplified with enInvoice

Automate your eWaybill Generation Process.

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  • Upload & Validate Invoice Data
    • Upload the input data in any source format such as SAP, Oracle etc
    • Transform the data into the required eWay bill input Format with advanced data transformations
    • Upload your All India data and get data by GSTIN wise
    • Correct the error Transactions in UI itself
  • Generate E-Way bill
    • Generate E-Waybills transaction wise or in bulk
    • Email the eWaybill to consignee, transporter & consigner
    • Option to Update, Cancel and extend the eWaybills
  • Colloborate with other Parties
    • Colloborate with transporter & consignee
    • Assign the ewaybills to transporter
    • Transporter can get the eway bills assigned to them on a regular basis.

What people are saying

The single most characteristics that dfferentiated between Udyog and Other ASP/GSP etc. was this - The people, their expertise & their positive commitment / approach towards thier clients on GST.

Ashwin Jaiswal,

Global CIO - Avvashya Group

We have been using Udyog's products for almost 2 years now and have found the software to be both robust and user friendly.

B.K Singh,

DGM Indirect Sales - DELPHI

Application Workflow

Generate e-Waybill
  • Consignor uploads invoices with REST API, sFTP or file upload or invoice entry.
  • Validates invoice details against HSN and GSTIN validation and/or Tax rules.
  • Consignor generates e-Way Bills or assigns the subsequent steps to Transporter
  • Transporter receives invoices in Inbox entered by Consignors or uploads data files.
  • Enters transportation details and optionally generates e-Way Bills / may perform all actions.
  • Consolidates e-Way Bills, performs updates, cancellations or other allowed actions.
  • Consignee accepts or rejects e-Way Bills within 72 hours.
  • Consignee optionally acknowledges consignment receipt or updates with GRN.
  • Consignee generates e-Way Bills for unregistered suppliers.


eInvoice to e-Way Bill with Collaborative Processing

Consigner / Consignee Portal

  • Create Locations (Ship From / Ship To);
  • Setup inbound and outbound integrations by Org or by Locations;
  • Configure permissions by Location to process e-Way Bill.
  • Consignor may just upload invoices or retain permission to process all steps.
  • Consignee may be extended with Accept / Reject e-Way Bill or confirm receipt of consignment.

Transporter Portal

  • Create Locations as Tenants and Sub-Tenants.
  • Add Users by Location and configure permissions towards eWay Bill processing.
  • Upload Consigners and Consignees.
  • Secure, Scalable and Partition Tolerant with Real-Time Collaboration.

    • Tenancy controls across locations and departments with fine-grained user roles and permissions.
    • Data streaming to process millions of records per second
    • Data streaming to process millions of records per second

    Unmatched processing power with multi-node cluster on multi-region AWS cloud

    • Leveraging multi-region AWS with redundant load balancers.
    • Scalable clustered multi-node server architecture to process high volumes.
    • Proven and tested processing power with diverse loads exceeding 4 miillion invoices with up to ~150,000 line items per invoice.


    • Setup Inbound & Outbound Integrations with REST API or sFTP.
    • You may alternatively Upload files or Key-In invoices.
    • Centralized (by-Org) or decentralized (by-location) inbound or outboud integrations


    • Multiple document (JSON, XML or more) or data-file formats (Delimitor, Excel, JSON).

    Custom Connectors

    • For reduced impact of change in source or target systems against GSTN/NIC use custom connectors.
    • Option to use Masters to have invoice payloads refer to Master definitions.

    Extendable Customer KYC interface

    • OMD provides a simple interface for your customers to enter, validate, upload documents and digitally sign their inputs.

    Invite & Upload

    • Automated verification of GSTIN.
    • Option to avail managed KYC services.

    Ease, speed to process one-time and continual KYC.

    • Secure and reliable.
    • Automated integrations with source systems.
    • Simple interface for customers and verifiers.
    eninvoice- multi-tenancy


    Do you have multiple ship from/to locations? enInvoice's multi-tenancy empowers processing by location and department.

    E-Waybill - Automated alerts

    Automated Alerts

    With enInvoice, you may not worry about expiring e-way bills anymore. Automated notifications will help you track e-way bills well before expiry.

    Rules & BPM driven processing

    Rules & BPM driven processing

    Process various e-Way Bill steps such as validate invoice, assign transportation details, generate e-Way Bill, Consignee Acceptance, Cancel/Update with BPM & Rules.

    Dashboards & Reports

    Dashboards & Reports

    Dashboard allows you to track all your shipments across warehouses/locations and also monitor expiries, detention reports, overall shipment efficiency.

    Auto-identification of distance

    Auto-identification of distance

    Option to integrate with paid route and distance calculation services such as Google Maps for delivery of single consignment or consolidated shipments.



    Option to prepare and deliver invoices accurately with enInvoice invoicing by location. Accurate and up to date Place of Service rules.

    Backed by 25 years of domain expertise in Indirect Tax, Logistics and EXIM domain

    Enterprise Multi Location Collaboration

    Single portal access for multiple states, locations.

    Complete visibility of EWB status across consignors, consignees and transporters

    Centralized Upload at Organization level and EWB generation at Location level

    Multiple Integration Options Automation

    Multiple Integration Methods (SFTP, REST API, Connectors, File Uploads) & multiple Formats (XML, Excel, CSV, Text, JSON etc.)

    2-Way synchronization with ERP

    Complete Compliance – E-Invoicing to E-Way Bill to GST Compliance


    Automatic distance estimation

    Scheduled alerts and notifications with NIC integration

    Generation of EWBs via all three options - Automated, RPA or Manual Selection

    3 Reasons why enInvoice is your best option for e-way bill

    • Comply with KYC Rules Maintain accurate customer KYC with auto validation. Optionally add managed KYC verification services.

    • Stay Informed & Keep Informed Collaborative Consignor-Transporter-Consignee system with event driven synchronization of data across parties. Eliminating manual updates while delivering increased efficiency and speed.

    • Experienced Partner 25 years of experience serving 10,000+ manufacturers and traders with Excise invoicing. We know the Mission-Criticality of e-Way Bill better than any/many in India/Globally.