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eInvoice-AP with Supplier Exchange

enComply offers Supplier Invoice processing with
advanced exchange and collaboration.

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  • Automated Supplier Exchange
    • Supplier tenancy/subtenancy with controls
    • Supplier side 2-way integrations
    • Supplier invoice ledgers by transaction type
    • Supplier master data and reference data
  • Automated Validations
    • Data validate rules across transaction
    • Tax determination and computation
    • Option to validate against reference data such as PO, delivery status and others
  • Automated Dept/BU Processes
    • Adoptable BPM by each purchase or purchase type across BUs and Departments
    • Process invoices in enterprise metadata
    • Work Queus, alerts with PDR and RPA options

It all starts with minimal impact on
source systems!

enInvoice- AP-Source System
Supplier Exchange Access

Supplier Exchange Access

Give your suppliers/vendors provate access as sub-tenants to upload, integrate or enter and confirm invoices. Multiple upload formats transformed to your standard. Suppliers can download their invoices.

Process Efficiently

Process Efficiently

Process Account Payables across purchasing, taxation and Finance-AP efficiently in an adoptable BPM by each invoice type and BU/Dept. Only accepted invoices get to ERP eliminating repeat work.

Ensured ITC

Ensured ITC

Each Supplier always gets their accepted versions of Invoices or Invoices + Credit/Debit Notes to ensure 100% reconcilable transactions between you and your Supplier thus ensuring

Include Services & Outcomes

Your Supplier Gets


Multiple I/P Data templates

Suppliers can upload their invoices in many optional formats or upload digital copied and enter invoices. Invoice data is auto validated.


Advanced Tendency

Secure tenancy. Each Supplier gets their own private tenancy to add their locations and users with roles and permissions.


Supplier GST Sales

Suppliers can download accepted invoices. Attach Credit Note to an Invoice or download accepted invoices for GST filling.

Your Enterprise Gets


Collaborative Process

Setup BMP with role based access for inter or intra dept users. Extend collaboration with suppliers. Ensure governance with alerts & audit trails.


ERP Specific Connectors

We offer custom REST API or sFTP converters/connectors based 2-way integrations with your source systems for reduced effort on ERP side.


Additional Validators & RPA

Option to setup automated REST API or synchronized reference data files based validations. Apply tolerance based PDRs & RPA.

Why is it better?

1. 50% of AP work performed by supplier users

Automated receipts of invoices eliminates the mail room activity and interactions with suppliers

Multiple invoices upload templates and electronic entry ensures Suppliers adopt the system without friction

Unique Supplier-wise tenancy/sub-tenancy silos Supplier to their own data for complete privacy & security

2. 5X reduction in creating corrective documents

Advanced validations include taxable value, tax rules & rates. Plus validations against reference data.

AP Invoices get recorded into ERP systems after acceptance reducing the need for Credit/Debit notes

Seamless integration with ERP systems and Financial Accounting systems with 2-way integration

3. 3X efficiency with collaborative front, middle and back office

Approve invoices between purchasing by BU/Dept, Finance AP and taxation with collaborative BMP.

Attach GRNs, Service Delivery notes or Credit Note requests to the respective invoices for easy processing.

Download Consignee eWayBills from NIC/GSTN portal for eInvoice-AP processing and matching