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Completely Automated GSTR-6

For Accurate Credit Distribution

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  • Auto Credit Allocation & Data Validation
    • Branch/GSTIN wise Invoice Allocation & Cost Distribution
    • ISD Data Validated against 100% Validation Rules
    • Accurate posting of ISD data with credit received and distributed.
  • Automated Reconciliations
    • Reconcile ISD Inward data with GSTR-6A to identify and rectify mismatches
    • Pattern & Amount based Reverse Mismatch
    • Maximise your ITC with GSTR6 Reconciliation
  • Ledger Posting
    • Post ITC received , ITC reverted , ITC distributed entries back to accounting systems
    • Extend our GSTR-6 application with e-invoicing add-ons for ISD- Invoicing & Interbranch billing

What you'll get

GSTR6 Returns

Why are we better?

Technology Advantages

1. Reduce data preparation effort

Automated download of GSTR-2A via GSTN API for quick and efficient reconciliation processing

Process your Inward data for reconciliation by uploading your purchase register in source system format using our standard and custom mapping.

2. Get completely automated and accurate reconciliation

Completely automated and comprehensive reconciliation process with no manual processing

Most accurate reconciliation with sophisticated matching features which addresses multiple reconciliation scenarios

3. Leverage best in class enComply features

Multi month download of
Perform multi-month GSTR6 with GSTR-6A reconciliation across lakhs of records

Use data transformation and mapping services to derive or auto-correct Inward data for reconciliation

Ensure Compliance with


25 years of Indirect
Tax Experience


Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

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