Audit Ready GSTR-9

Get audit proof with Completely Automated GSTR 9
preparation & filing

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  • Complete automation
    • Completely automated GSTR 9 preparation & filing
    • Automated generation of GSTR-9 from GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, Reconciled Inward
    • Automated merging of amendments and ITC reversal calculations
  • Advanced Reconciliations
    • Reconciliation of GSTR-1 with your books, Inward with 2A
    • Advanced Matching techniques like exact match, pattern based match, probable match and concordance match
    • Reconciliation of GSTR-1 & GSTR-2A with GSTR-3B
  • Advanced Outcomes
    • Traceability report of GSTR-9 from input data sources
    • Reversal ITC reconciliation report
    • Vendor Filing status report

What people are saying

The single most characteristics that dfferentiated between Udyog and Other ASP/GSP etc. was this - The people, their expertise & their positive commitment / approach towards thier clients on GST.

Ashwin Jaiswal,

Global CIO - Avvashya Group

We have been using Udyog's products for almost 2 years now and have found the software to be both robust and user friendly.

B.K Singh,

DGM Indirect Sales - DELPHI

Audit Ready GSTR-9 Preparation with


Data synchronization & Aggregation

The data for GSTR-1, GSTR 2A, GSTR 3B data is populated with a API/ JSON based upload

Outward and Inward data is taken from books and other source systems

All other necessary information manually entered or through excel templates

GSTR 1 and Outward

Detailed sales, debit & credited transactions to be reported in GSTR 9 which is absent in GSTR 1 data submitted already to GSTN.

GSTR 2A and Inward

ITC availed from books and ITC available from GSTR 2A to be reported in GSTR 9.
Detailed calculation of reversal of ITC as per books

GSTR 3B & other information

GSTR 3B for Tax payable and payment details, ITC reversal claimed and ITC details.
Capture all information like demand & refunds, Tran -1 and 2 Data, Goods sent on approval basis but not returned etc.

Data Validation

HSN & Tax rate validation

Customer/Vendor KYC validation

Supplier GSTIN validation

Vendor compliance tracking

Validation of Sales & purchase register ( 200+ validations )

Data processing & GSTR 9 draft preparation

Pull data from different sources & fill in the GSTR 9 tables as needed

Verification & validation of summary level information

Reconciliation of the draft GSTR 9 with auto-populated GSTR 9 data from GSTIN

Included services &

Multiple Reconciliations

Data preparation includes multiple reconciliation steps, additional reconciliations also available on demand

Powerful reconciliation of GSTR-1 data with your books or source system data

Reconciliation of Inward with GSTR-2A with support for advanced pattern match, probable match techniques

Reconciliation of GSTR-1 with GSTR-3B & Reconciliation of GSTR-2A with GSTR-3B

Multiple data preparation options for filing

Multiple data synchronization options for GSTR 9 draft preparation

Gross debit & credit via excel

In absence of section 8 & reverse charge in outward, there is a flexible option for the customer to upload direct values( gross debit , credit notes ) via excel upload or delta capture

Get HSN from GSTR 1

In absence of HSN codes in outward file , users have an option get data from GSTR 1 and make the necessary changes & upload the via excel .HSN summary

Manual entry of data

GSTR 2A : A user can choose to manually enter the data using enComply UI or he can auto-generate it using GSTIN. Through manual entry, he can easily know the difference between 2A & inward before submitting the return to GSTN by viewing it on the enComply dynamic UI.

Bulk HSN upload option

In absence of specific invoice wise HSN code records in inward data, the customer has an option of uploading bulk HSN codes

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Reconciliation report with Outward GSTR 3B & GSTR 1

Reversal detailed calculation of ITC reversal based on books

ITC reversal reconciliation as per books and GSTR 3B

Traceability report - GSTR 1 & purchase data ( Inward )

2A to 3B reconciliation report

GSTR 1 to 3B reconciliations report

Inward to 2A reconciliation report

Why are we better?

Flexible & accurate process

Easy to use templates & flexibility of choosing multiple ways of filing

Accurate data with more than 200+ validations of Sales and Purchase register

Validation of HSN & tax rate applicable at every transaction level

Better technology & Features

Huge data processing with yearly long data synchronized from multiple systems

Powerful reconciliations Inward to 2A reconciliations with fuzzy logic, pattern match & much more

Automated return preparation with automated merging of amendments & more

Customized reports on demand

Reversal ITC reconciliation report

Vendor Filing status report

Traceability report of GSTR-9 from input data sources

Ensure Compliance with


25 years of Indirect
Tax Experience


Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

Best Technology

#1 Data Qualification